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February 21, 2006



10 bucks? Nice. Awesome review and track. I still really kick myself for not getting familiar with them before seeing them at Intonation.


You get a sense of Finn's lyric style in the Berryman poems, especially "Of Suicide." I love the way the phrases are turned in conjunction with that great rock music. I definitely want to catch The Hold Steady at some point.

Conor Lastowka

Thanks for the MP3. I couldn't remember the name of the poet who killed himself when I was trying to piece together my review. I too was late jumping on the Hold Steady train, and feel foolish for every day I missed. If god is willing, they will respond to my entreaties and grace this years National High Five Day soundtrack with 3 minutes of their leftover studio time. Baseball, the Hold Steady and a dislike of the Gaslamps Mardi Gras, we are definitely on the same page.

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