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February 09, 2006



I go with Random, but I don't just close my eyes and pick. I use a random number generator - I know, I'm crazy. The one exception is if I have an advance copy and want to read something before it comes out.

I discuss my whole mad system in this post about my "Reading Queue."


What Max said. Just recently, I made a vow to keep all of my books on shelves and did it. There is now one entire bookcase devoted to what was previously rendered TBR piles. And I can't tell you how much better it is to just randomly pick something or have my eye attracted to something that sounds particularly apposite. Plus, it has pretty much killed the galley guilt, much less the constant vacillating.

As for Europe Central, I suppose I'll have to offer a cliched protestor's cry, "If not now, when?" The thing about Vollmann is that no matter what your mood, you'll get sucked in somehow.

Dan Wickett

Personally, I go with grouping books together somehow, but that fits the EWN BRC's. By a publisher, or an author, or poetry colletions, or a certain award (Flannery O'Connor Short Fiction for instance), etc.

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