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February 21, 2006


Cynthia Closkey

It's good that you mentioned the ad. Otherwise I never would have seen it.

Heavens, man! You deserve compensation for this work, and you're totally allowed to put up advertising. I know how you feel, I wrestled with myself about it too, but if you're able to maintain control over the ad then you should feel OK that you're keeping your standards.

I say you should move the ad higher -- where it is now, no one will even see it, much less click it. And if no one clicks it, then your sponsor won't get any return and eventually will have to end the relationship. Help them out, and they'll help you. Put it just under search, above the categories.

Lauren Cerand

I say, as long as you're doing a 3 month trial period to gauge your comfort level with (or without, as the case may be) advertising on your site, why not really experiment with a whole right-hand column of ads? You can add Google ads, too, and I think there's a mechanism through Typepad where you can allow advertisers to opt in via text ads (with your approval). I would be curious to learn whether it's something you feel changes the tone of the site, how you feel about it overall after the trial period, what your readers think, and whether you make any money!

uncle scott

nothing wrong with a little extra dough for little scott's diaper money.


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