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January 23, 2006



Damn, Jeff, if this is a race, you're kicking my ass. Maybe I should stop producing podcasts and stop dating and stop taking classes and stop hanging out with friends. Maybe I should lay off the Perlman and get several 200 page books under my belt to catch up. :)

But in all seriousness, it's really cool that this whole reading challenge thing has generated so many posts of people writing about the books they read. Keep up the good work!


i can't believe how many you read *and* minireview. i can not wait to get my hands on your library! ps i really liked the people of paper and now am off on the hummingbird's daughter. thx for the recs. just got a lil catchin up to do it seems.

Dan Wickett

Great selections Jeff - I loved the Gann and McManus (look for his two short story collections if you've not read them already!), and the Dixon is in my pile.

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