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January 11, 2006



Another hard-hitting Larry King interview. Frey made a genius move to go to King to discuss this scandal!

The only people I really fault are the readers who aren't critical enough of the genre of biography to realize that writers always reconstruct dialog when they write about it. With that in mind, we have to be a little cynical about the wy a subjective past is represented in a subjective report of that past.


So what did Frey snort in advance? Botox?
Ah well, that's how Larry keeps getting access - and why I watched even though I knew Frey would do the stone-faced, slightly wounded creep act.

Though - naturally - wished I could hiss in Larry's ear "ask him how EVERY single "embellishment" in his ghastly book strangely made him seem a rougher, tougher, badder guy and thus made his story more gripping?"

Funny how these "random" embellishments all serve Frey very nicely.

Thanks for the live blog. Hope the ice works!


"OMG, OMG, ohmygod, it's Oprah."

Hee. Many thanks, Jeff, for putting this up. Am now intrigued by possible trend of moms accompanying all authors on their appearances to comment and defend. Sez Mrs. Moody, "Dale Peck is an SOB." etc.


Thanks so much for the report, Jeff! Love your comments.


Agreed. Thanks, Jeff, for watching so I didn't have to. I'll bet Random House is kicking itself now for saying they'd give refunds on the book. If they'd held out for one more day, Oprah would have made it all better for them.


Would MUCH rather read your comments than the actual transcript.

PS For some of us, the acronym DFW brings to mind initially a large metropolitan area and associated airport in Texas...


I'm trying to draw some parallel between Wallace and Dallas-Fort Worth's airport. I think it's best I stop right there. They're pretty cheap: airplanes = ideas. Lame.

Pauly D

All I kept thinking throughout the whole interview was, "Man, James Frey sure looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds but with a beard and receding hairline."

Jean D.

Unbelievable, the ignorance of the reading public. First of all, what do they expect when they buy a book just because Opra (Oprah?)--the TV entertainer-- tells them it's a great book. But more importantly, there have been hundreds of memoirs later disclosed to be inaccurate or downright untrue, many of them by individuals whose names are/were well known by the general public. What I'm suggesting is that THERE IS NO NEWS HERE. There is nothing new in this story except that Oprah and King are trying to save face. And then, to add insult to injury, Anderson Cooper repeats the whole darn boring business again, for another entire hour! So why didn't I switch channels? Because I was sitting here mesmerized by the idiocy of all this. Momentous things happened around the world today, and CNN carried this "story." To repeat: unbelievable.

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