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November 19, 2005



"Another Puff," Jerry Reed: "Said to myself, 'this ain't gonna be so tough!' With that little bit of insurance, I took another puff (cough!)"

"Quitting Smoking Song," Princess Superstar: "This is the tenth time you said you'd quit!" I like this one.

"Nicotine and Alcohol," Mark W. Winchester: "try to quit them they get mean, alcohol and nicotine."

"Stop Smoking," Rich Medina. Kind of a Max Headroom kind of a song.

"The First Time I Quit Smoking," Tommy Mandel.

"You Cannot Quit Smoking," Nathan Asher & the Infantry. All the excuses.

There was a really good oldies tune that included the line, "my old friends, "Nic O'Tine and Al Cohol," but I couldn't find it anywhere. I think that one was from the 50s or the 60s. I wish I could remember the artist.

Hang in there, you're doing great! Three days... that's the hardest. Just stick with it and you'll be free of the demon weed.

P.S. Not really a song, but a comedy routine: "Quit Smoking," Jay Hewlett. Jay quits smoking with a rather, um, disgusting method. But hey! He said it works!


There is "One Cigarette" by the Supersuckers.

Jenny D

Elvis Costello, "Good Year For the Roses" is a nice cigarette song, and suitably mournful. Good luck with this!

Cynthia Closkey

"Cigarette," The Clarks (local Pittsbugh band, http://www.clarksonline.com/disco/lovegone.html)

For mentions of cigarettes:
"I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You," Tom Waits
"A Day in the Life," The Beatles
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" ("maybe just a cigarette more")

And of course:
"Smoking," Steve Martin, "Let's Get Small" ("Do you mind if I smoke? No, do you mind if I fart? It's one of my habits.")


"Red Vines" by Aimee Mann (all you've got / are cigarettes and red vines)
"The Hymn for the Cigarettes" by Hefner (Lucky Strikes remind me of my friends out on the West Coast / Camel Lights remind me of my ex-girlfriend at Christmastime)


"ashtray monument" jawbreaker. off of 24 hr. revenge therapy.


also "chesterfield king" by jawbreaker.


David Bowie's "Rock and Roll Suicide" ("Time takes a cigarette ...")

Lauren Cerand

What a brilliant idea, Jeff! This reminds me of my brief stint in a coffeeshop, during which I couldn't even stand to hear someone say the word "coffee" outside of work, I got so sick of it!

There is an amazingly underrated song on the Permanent Midnight soundtrack, Cigarette by Lael Alderman. A clip of it is here.


Here's a vote for "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)," the 1947 Western swing hit that Merle Travis wrote for Tex Williams (a two-pack a day smoker who later died of lung cancer). It's actually a pretty entertaining novelty tune.


Can't Hardly Wait - Replacements - "Jesus rides beside me, he never buys any smokes/Hurry up, hurry up, ain't you had enough of this stuff/Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, and filthy jokes"


what about lambchop's entire "how i quit smoking" album?


also last cigarette byt Boo Hewerdine (ex The Bible)


wilco's "Jesus Etc." has the amazing lyric, "Last cigarettes are all you can get/Turning your orbit around"

also ben folds five, "Cigarette" off of "Whatever and Ever Amen"


Deckchairs And Cigarettes
by the Thrills


"What She Said" by The Smiths because of the line:
"What she said...I smoke cos I'm hoping for an early death,
and I need to cling to something..."

Hang in there, it gets easier by the day. Before you know it you'll have your sense of smell back and you'll feel great.


"Nothing Compares 2 U" By Sinead O'Connor (written by Prince) is dedicated to Prince's last cigarette, apparently.


I can't believe I remember this, but: "Cigarette Dangles" by The Pursuit Of Happiness


Joe Jackson's "Cancer" mentions nicotine among many other dangerous habits, including piano playing.

Good luck.


The Who's "Little Jimmy" was Pete Townshend's attempt to write a commercial for the American Cancer Society. It's funny and awful--like so much Who--and the Society was having none of it.


"cigarettes and chocolate milk"- rufus wainright
"cigarettes, whiskey, and wild, wild women"- buck owens
"asshole"-dennis leary


Cigarette In Your Bed, My Bloody Valentine
Nicotine Bomb, Mission of Burma


its not a song, but try listening to Bill Hicks talking about smoking...don't think it will help you quit, but god damnit...it's really funny!


Cigarette Sandwich by The Scud Mountain Boys from the Massachusetts album.


"elegant transaction" by loose fur (And don't strike a conversation with a cigarette
Like an old flame
Burned up
And out of breath)

"a day in the life" - beatles (on the way upstairs i had a smoke, somebody spoke...)

"asshole" - beck (the cigarettes were smoking by themselves)

"notorious thugs" - notorious BIG & bone thugs: '7am woke in the morning with henny caffeine and green and nicotine'

sorry about that last one.

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