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November 16, 2005



This is exactly what happened to my husband and our neighbors. A cautionary tale to all those who would bribe smokers to quit.

Hubby told them if they would quit smoking for one year, he would take us all to dinner to whatever restaurant they chose. They chose Milles Fleurs in Rancho Santa Fe.

They quit cold turkey for a whole year. We took them to Milles Fleurs, rang up a HUGE tab and toasted to their nicotine sobriety. The next morning the husband lit up, just to try it out. The wife didn't smoke for a couple of weeks, or at least, that's what she told us. Pretty soon they were both puffing regularly again.

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A perfect way to recognize the moment How true. Well said - I hadn't thought about it in exactly those terms. And that's what makes it so hard, because there are always "moments" to recognize. Whether it's a changing of seasons, or a great day, or a shitty day, or reuniting with old friends, the temptation is always there.

Do you see the way we talk about this drug? I seriously can't believe that nicotine is legal, and other things are not. This is not an argument to legalize drugs, but how can something so completely addictive and destructive as nicotine be legal? Of course I know the answer to this, but it's amazing nonetheless.


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