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November 22, 2005



If by flu-like, you're including the . . . er, intestinal surprises, then yes, those should be just around the corner. But it's a sign that the poison is leaving.

I read that Tom Drury story and wanted to throw my own beer bottle at someone. But not because the war makes me want to throw beer bottles. Two different urges. And targets for my beer bottles.


Drink lots of water! You want to flush all that nicotine out into the sewer, where it belongs!

Another fact to spur you on:

When my dad was recovering after his cancer surgery, I noticed all these young men and women walking around the recovery rooms, pushing rolling poles that held their IVs and their urine-collecting bags.

My dad's oncologist said people don't realize it, but if smokers don't get lung cancer, they're probably going to get bladder cancer. He said he had smokers in their twenties who had to wear loose clothing to cover their urine bags.

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