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November 28, 2005



You've got to respect a town that elects a bookseller as its mayor. Nice to see a book of poems make the list, too.


I had forgotten your anniversary was so close to ours. Congratulations to you and Elaine!


Hurray. And here's to at least thirty more years.

Kurt Brown  -- Saint Ram Bone

I would like someone to contact with the name of a young woman who predicted her own death in 1975 in Monroeville Alabama.

The truck she was in flipped and several teenagers died. One was in the bed, and she was in the cab.

Her first name was Kelly and she was a student at Monroeville High School in the ninth grade there while I was there for a short duration.

My father is from there and you can see his gravestone at the Old Salem Baptist Church. It is hot as hell so he is next to the A/C unit. He must falled down before he got inside the church. They all did.

I want Kelly's last name. She predicted my death was going to be at age 44. I was almost hit by a meteorite near Braman Oklahoma almost at the hour of my birthday.

My life has been Hell. She called me to go with her that Saturday morning. I was listening to somebody akin to Deep Purple or Ozzy Osbourne and poking around grave stones with some punk neighbor kid. After the death, I never saw that kid again. The mother said, swoop. That kid was out of there and I felt no more need to hang around. I have drifted ever since blowing my trumpet or playing with one and my pistol whipped guitar.

Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, founder of Mobile Audit Club.

I ordered all of my brown family up to help me enter the government in Old Salem on the evening of April 26, 2007. The moon was half-full.

Kurt Brown  -- Saint Ram Bone

My father killed a pet mockingbird with a board while working on an old building there. The bird was his pet.

Could it be, the beginning of the Mockingbird legend?

I have posted many stories about the mockingbird in my music on the home grown music page of my website at Mobile Audit Club

It is more artsy video with real life footage of being batten or tossed about by the closed door government in Mobile Alabama.

The grass smells sweet around Atmore in Spring after a rain, like flowers. Why is there a prison there?


Kurt Brown  -- Saint Ram Bone

Correction, it was a pet Blue Jay, I think. See the Video, Whip Or Will Pea You Jack

Kurt Brown  -- Saint Ram Bone

A PERSONAL NOTE TO SENATOR McCAIN of Arizona. Their Chapter 36 law denoted on my website at Mobile Audit Club says they are exempt from legal claims in relation to their forced injections under paragraphs delineated at Mobile Audit Club..

If I am not paid for the forced injections of 2004, after working as a bank examiner who endured an holocaust and can attest to the likely murder of a federal employee and hot on the trail of Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman of Mobile Alabama, thief at large, and termed Snatch The Fairy Possum and whistled to the tune of Puff, The Magic Dragon on Love Line 5 of Mobile Audit Club.

I want $800 Billion Dollars or my job back as a federal bank examiner, but at the Treasury on the Bank of America Audit Team. Or I want the Treasury shut down and their syndicate forebear, the National Treasury Employees Union, or our guts to the sky, Kelly is half way there, and so AM I>

Kurt  Brown -- Saint Ram Bone



OR WWIV aka W's wives

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