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November 21, 2005



hey bitchodie (err, mrs SoT): loved the review and can't wait to dance around in kacey's living room during our impending visit. jeff, you're invited too (tho i know you'd rather slit your wrists :) i like this point/counterpoint thing you're working here


i spent the bulk of my sunday on hold/talking with tech. support. i still wouldn't trade places with you for this one. one brave soul...


very cool post. Fresh on the heels of a Friday night Depeche Mode Arena concert in San Jose that left my fiancee a little more breahtless than I...

note to self: do not ask Depech Moders 4 Life how come all the songs by "the blond guy" sound like Richard Marx.


Cancer be damned. I have four kids, two of them listen to the crappiest 80s music I have EVER heard, courtesy of Grand Theft Auto (this despite a house full of all kinds of wonderful music, from Bach to Beck). Musically at least, Madonna has nothing to apologise for - the test of a singer in anyone's style is that she can choose a good songwriter most of the time. And by the way I thoroughly enjoyed her turn at Live8, at least she had some African-Americans on the stage with her in force. You stand up for your right to party, Elaine.

Thanks for the email, Jeff, I''m giving your 'Best Of'list some thought.


I should point out that I have been inexplicably enjoying this album. Sure, it's lifted from any number of electronic sources, all of them five years old. "I Love New York" is a preposterous song and yet the notion of Madonna trying to go for an adolescent bitchiness at 47 is strangely amusing to me. That's actually semi-audacious (for a pop artist at any rate) in an ironic manner.


Also, is it just me or does "Future Lovers" sound like the theme to "The Warriors?"


I have no copy of this album yet but it seem that your wife really love it, the more I want to have that album Confessions on the Dance Floor. I really want to dance like your wife does. And I think there is no problem with that?

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