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November 09, 2005



you're making it me hard to resist catching them up in SF, though their pricing may keep me away in the end. I have to admit the new album is slow in catching on with me, but I've only listened to it a few times. Hopefully it grows on me as much as the their last one.

how was the "banter"? i know people's tastes vary, but I tend to be in the "more banter" camp. When I saw James with Oberst & Ward a bit back, he pretty easily out-bantered them. Or was this a straigh-ahead nose to the rock-stone show?

regardless, glad you enjoyed the show - sounds like just what the doctor ordered.


Uh, now I see this -- was there such costumery in SD?


"Hello all you nice people coming to our san- fran filmore shows. we wanted to let you know that we are going to be filming the shows for a dvd-but we want to try and make it a special "fantasty"(ooohhh....) dvd that is more like a movie than an ordinary concert film. we want to encourage attendees to dress up in costumes(preferably "faeries and wizzards and goblins") or olde timey victorian ballroom dancing attire-big frilly skirts and top hats and tuxedos and such. we also encourage that you bring glo-sticks, flowers, magic wands or any other interesting objects that may look cool on film and glow. if you have a pumpkin and two mice that you can turn into a stagecoach drawn by horses you should ride to the show in that and our monkey butler will help you out and into the club. we want to get fun footage of people arriving and also crowd shots where it looks like it was filmed in a fantasy forest in the early 1900's. so yes- think "olde-tymey fantasy forest- or just dressy if you dont have any costumes or skrilla to spend on costumes. Tickets are $22.50 general admission.
Extremely limited table & chair seating.
All Ages.



You should check them out, Tito, and wear a costume. San Diego wasn't asked to do anything special, but I did see a girl wearing a vintage Dokken shirt.

Oh yeah, and Stryper was being advertised pre-concert as appearing next month in San Diego. Seriously.


speak of the devil -- or of the jesus --- or whatever


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