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October 03, 2005


beano cook

while i'm happy to see ND on top, most of the categories selected are pretty bogus (i can think of a few major bowls by ND that should not have gone done, all things being equl). and how come yale has an N/A by graduation rate?
agreed auburn should get extra bonus points for serving as a launchpad for vinnie jackson if nothing else.


Texas gets +2 for its mascot. Do they even know what a "Longhorn" is? How tough is castrated male cow?


Beano, what a pleasant surprise. The man that for a decade straight predicted that Pittsburgh would win the national championship. About Notre Dame: there are two teams I love to see get beat on Saturday, Alabama and the Domers. As for Auburn, you shouldn't forget that along w/ Bo, they've also produced Joe Cribbs, Lionel "Little Train" James, William Andrews, Stephen Davis, Cadillac Williams, Rudi Johnson...and the list goes on. I think based on that fact they should be in the top 10. But I'm biased.


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