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August 28, 2005


Don Love

I agree and you know whats even more odd. FX the same channel that produced that flick. Also produced the Lone gun men a xfiles spin off.
And in 2001 they aird a episode about the us government flying by radio control airliners into the WTC to blame it on terrorists as a pre text to go to war...Pretty odd eh? http://propagandamatrix.com/multimedia_priorknowledge_lonegumen.html

Now im not saying Katrina was a government conspiracy but there are alot of people that know for a fact that the governments of the world russians and americans have the ability to control the weather to some degree and some say they can even create hurricanes they just cannot contol them once there created.



Thanks for pointing this out, Jeff. I watched a copy last night, very eerie.


I am glad someone else remembers this movie.... it aired 3 MONTHS ago... and as far as the hurricane that killed New Orleans, this movie was only off by a WEEK. In the movie the storm caled Julia hit Louisiana 9/3/05... It is very scary that what someone made up as fiction is now coming true in a way. And its scary how easily we could all be crippled by oil.

Jorge Suitor

Not really erie, predicting things that will come true in the future. Given enough time, anything is possible. With global warming increasing the worlds ocean temperatures, making rise to stronger tropical storms and hurricanes, its only a matter of time before the next powerful storm comes. Not to mention everything America has built over the past 100 years down south, not ready for such a huge climate change. At least no refinerys* or oil stations were destroyed yet.


I know


"Not really erie, predicting things that will come true in the future. Given enough time, anything is possible"

How can you say that?? Given enough time, its possible to predict a major natural disaster event to within a week?! If thats not eerie I dont know what is.

alisha byrne

i watched oil storm last night it aired on tv in australia - it is just so uncanny that julia hit the same coast line/in the same time period as Katrina did devastating the US last week...

this is just crazy!!

who knows what to think of this world anymore.....

conspiracy?? i think this has potential!!


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Jake Patterson

Anyone who thinks that there is a conspiracy involving both The United States and Russia controlling the weather is a stupid ass retard. Anyone who thinks that remote controlled planes flew into the WTC and the Pentagon is also a dumb ass retard. From now on, before you post such things type read it and if it makes you even laugh, don't post you fuckin moron. Gimme a break. What a douche put you retarded imagination to something more useful such as school or a job and quit standing in line for your wellfare check in order to pay for you internet access.

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