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July 20, 2005



- I think the Crimson Tide would have been the top pro team, if it were an option

- Mildly surprised that Jim Nabors wasn't listed as "musician". Who can forget his work on Goldenthroats, along with Bill Cosby & Bill Shatner?

- I'd had the pleasure of lounging in the bleachers with some UofA fans during College World Series of years gone by. As nice as they were, I have to say that the toiletpaper and "Tide" (detergent) == "roll tide" is one of the stupider things I've seen at a sports event (on balance, the CornHeads at Husker games are no better). Having said that, the most annoying fan-thing remains Hook'em Horns.


I was the 0.00001 percent who answered "soccer" as my favorite sport and AS Roma as my favorite sports team.

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