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July 29, 2005



The "stadium scene" line up is incredible though, you gotta give me props for getting those bands.


There was a girl in my office who had Debaser as her ringtone for her cell. It ruined that song for me. I can't stand hearing the intro to the song anymore.

I feel the same way you do Jeff about the Pixies reunion. I don't want to pay a lot of money to see a band I happily remember from my younger days. It'd be like seeing Dinosaur Jr. or Husker Du or something. We're all older and I too wonder if they are just doing for the money.


I've been really upset by the Pixies' avarice and I too have refused to attend. Here in the Bay Area, there have been several opportunities But the Pixies are not fucking U2. The ticket prices have been ridiculous. I'd have more respect for them if they were just honest about their greed and called this The Pixies Retirement Fund Tour.


Thanks so much for posting the link to that wonderful documentary! I never thought I'd hear one of my favorite singers talking about one of my favorite bands. That was awesome!

Bill S.

I just wish that I had seen them when I was in college in 1992. If I had known they were going to break up for a decade and a half, maybe I would have pressed my SO more to go with me. Or maybe not.

They still sound pretty good, if Austin City Limits is any indication. But I won't be attending the reunion, either.

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