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November 11, 2004


My Brilliant Mistakes

I'm a Lethem fan almost solely for Motherless Brooklyn. I liked the earlier stuff, but I wouldn't have read it if not for MB, and I bet my view of it was colored by MB. It's such a well-written book, such a neatly constructed story, such a delicate innovation on the hard-boiled detective oconography, that it carries weight.

I hope the reading is terrific, and that the next books keep up the tradition. I like graphic novels some, but only if they tell a good story -- and if they tell a goed story, I tend to wonder how good they could have been if someone had written all the words.


I loved Fortress of Solitude; as difficult as it was, it was worth slogging through and is one of those books that haunts me. Lethem, in my opinion, gets better with every book he writes. Which is why the new collection is such a mixed bag, since it contains older stories that read as supplements or rough treatments of some of his later work. Let us know how the reading went, Jeff!


The reading was well worth the trip to America's Snobbiest Village. I'm a little too pooped to write about it in detail right now, but I promise a full post and even a picture or two on Monday. LTR, Lethem mentioned precisely what you said about his new collection of older stories. He also has a collection of essays coming out in March which also relate to and are a result of FoS. Check back on Monday for the writeup, which includes the answer to a question I managed to get in: "Do you read litblogs?" Heh!



Look on this page (scroll down) for a photo of the block where Dylan (and Lethem, too) grew up in Fortress of Solitude...

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