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August 25, 2004



ok so i'm only saying this cause it's my birthday and i'm absolved from any flames, but does anyone else hate this david eggers. not only long winded, and a name dropper, but full of his self to boot, ick!

of course, i'll always love good ol jeff and his daily contributions to my tattered workday.


Three things:

1. An artist "selling out" should be a good thing because it means he/she will continue to produce. I love They Might Be Giants responding to accusations of selling out by saying they are "looking forward to being a sellout":


2. At the risk of sounding disrespectful to some fans of a particular artist, why is an artist pandering to a small cadre of underground "cool" people any better than pandering to a larger group of people that don't meet the small cadre's definition of cool? What difference does it really make? And who is to say which is right?

3. With the same caveat as in point 2, if ever an artist fails to live up to someone's personal expectations of what that artist should/should not do, then there are two basic choices: a) Find someone else who does meet your current expectations or b) if nobody satisfies criterion a, make the damn thing yourself. Whining about it hardly seems constructive.

Then again, I play in a cover band so I probably have an extra chip on my shoulder. ;-)


Geoff, I hear you. For me, it was a selfish thing. I didn't want to share "my bands" with just any old music listener. I didn't want to hear a muzak version of an REM song. But I'm over that now.

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