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May 24, 2004



Well i appreciate the fact that someone took the time to "rate" the Mavericks and the high desert.
I really dont like the take on the high desert, those who live here love it and would rather keep all those from "down the hill" to stay there, we have barely any traffic, fewer gang problems no smog etc etc etc.....
So perhaps from here on out, you can keep your comments of the area that people live to yourself and just focus on rating the team, stadium and game.

Anne M

I used to work to be the hostess at the Hardball Cafe back in 1993 when the Mavs were at the top of their form and won the Triple A world series. The park staff, the fans and the Florida Marlins (our team affiliates) were the best in the league. We had a lot of spirit and the park was always filled! Wooly Bully was fabulous--I can't remember the girl's name who had the dubious honor of being the mascot in that horribly unforgiving costume (ever wear a bull costume in 120 degree heat) was an incredible gymnast--handsprings and cartwheels in that costume. We had a great run. It seems sad that the park has deteriorated so much since 1993--when the park was shiny and new and full of promise--no smelly bathrooms and substandard food then. We had people escorting you to your seats and helping out where we could. It's too bad. Makes you want to take a look at the management. It definitely seems to have changed. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work there and have extremely fond memories--some of the best of my life.

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