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March 29, 2004


Jackie Rivera

Hello, I am writing a research paper for as part of my graduation requirement. In order to finish this paper, I must include an interview with a person who is expert in my topic. I would love if you shared some of your knowledge. My topic is "The New River Drainage from Mexicali to the Salton Sea". It would be a pleasure to get a bit of your knowledge. Thank you.

1) What is the pH of the New River from the starting place (Mexicali) to the Salton Sea? How much does it change as it flows along? What chemicals and wastes are added to the water that creates this change?

2) How often do Mexican enviromental/health authorities perform scientific analyzes on the New River in Mexicali? In the Imperial Valley?

3) What is being done to help clean up the river lately? (in the past five years)

4) Which laws have been passed in order to protect the New River/Salton Sea?

5) In the Salton Sea, what are the processes done to try to clean up the water, if any? How often are these procedures done? How is the effect on the water?

6) What are the different techniques used to find out eh specific chemical pollutants in the river? To clean the chemicals of filter them out?

7) Does the geothermal have any effect on the water [pH, heavy metals, salinity, radiation, et al]?

8) What is the best, most realistic way to stop agricultural pollution of the river?

you can answer me @ changamatanga15@hotmail.com or @ 1402 H st
Brawley, CA 92227
and also, if you could foward this message to Mr. William T. Vollmann, it would be of great help also.
P.S. Please answer at least one question. Thank you.


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