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January 27, 2004



I grew up a Sixers fan as well. Unfortunately, the glory years came after I moved away from Philadelphia, but I am still a fan, as much a fan I can be of any sport beset by collective bargaining limitations.

We always had the same sorts of sibling rivalry. My brother and I were both Phillies fans, so we chose secondary clubs to root for (me: the Cardinals, my brother: the Reds). This lives on in my house today, when watching a game I playfully ask my wife which team is "hers," then I mockingly root for the opponent.


Man, I almost forgot you were a Phillies phan. May I be the first to congratulate you on an Eastern Division championship next year. I say this with the hopes of jinxing it, by the way.

My dad and I still have a bit of that rivalry thing going on, though it has relaxed a lot since my teen years. I still don't call him the day before, the day of, or the day after the Iron Bowl. In fact, it takes a little while for us to even discuss it. We do share a love of the Braves and since baseball is both of our favorite sport, that's enough to keep love in our hearts.

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