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January 26, 2004



it was all fun and games til joske fell through the ice in the sludgy nasty scum pond thereby ending our sledding adventure and plunging us into the freezing cold water to save her. Just as a friendly reminder -- you see those people that take of thier shoes and clothes before they dive in to save someone -- it's a good idea! I've since learned that 3 layers of clothing is lots heavier soaking wet than expected.

And yes we all lived to tell the tale ~ and got two days off from work woo hoo!


A brutal webcam breakup from http://www.metacafe.com/watch/839338/help_my_girlfriend_is_a_lesbian/>Metacafe where the guy finds out that his longtime girlfriend is going to play for the other team.
At least he gets to see her make out with another girl....
First girl is http://relaxits.com/Ice-La-Fox/>Ice La Fox, second (with beautiful eyes! :)) is http://relaxits.com/Mandy-Bright/>Mandy Bright

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