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June 20, 2007



You know, as an executive assistant in institutional finance whose professional bright hopes are for middle management bureaucracy, I find this at once empathetic and condescending.

I don't have dumb tastes. I don't want publishers and editors to dumb down content, for me or anyone else. I'm pretty sure the robust chick lit and thriller markets are taking care of "book likers" who find the imputed snobbery of the literary world impenetrable, so why can't we eggheads have our own kind of fun, no matter what our jobs are? I don't begrudge the existence of commercial literary genres, so it gets tiring to hear, over and over again, that the formally inventive and ideologically subtle books I enjoy don't deserve shelf space.

R Ellis

I say phlooey to marketers. Book lovers buy more books.

Anyway, the "likers" are no less apt to be snobbish than the lovers. Book likers will often only read the books that a sanctioned authority has told them are "good." Book lovers read widely, voraciously, and without regard to fashion.

The Next to Last Pope

Keller is right. Anyone who thinks one thing is better than another thing is a snob and an elitist.

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