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January 31, 2007



i officially don't like this at all. why must there be fighting? and that ear grab, man - that's awful.


Figures, Mailer is a hair-puller.


Maybe he wishes he was fighting Rip Taylor - the initial blow would've been confetti and a clown horn.

That made me go to youtube and look for Lawrence Tierney candid stuff. No luck. Mailer fighting Tierney probably wouldn't have lasted as long.

Two separate acquaintances have testified to the "difficulty" of Rip Torn to me, but they pale in comparison to the Tierney stories.

Matthew Tiffany

"Sho" begins tomorrow? I'm not even dressed!

Jimmy Beck

Maybe he got confused and thought it was Dennis Hopper. Hey now!


Booze sounds like Mick at Altamont. "Why are we foighting?"

My favorite part is when Mailer says, "Look what you did to my kids!"


I think I'm gonna participate in SoTShoStoWriMo, just not sure how yet. Ah, we'll see what I come up with tomorrow...

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