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April 06, 2006


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Great recap. Samone might not have been so spaced out if you hadn't been playing what sounds like really trippy music in the background.

Also, famous Oklahomans? Woody Guthrie, a real American idol. (Oh, that's really cheesy, but I don't care. I'm leaving it. He is.)

Glad to hear you made it safely.


Eat some fried green tomatoes for me.


I've been debating getting XM for a bit. Two questions for a user:
1. do you have to pay extra for the MLB package?
2. do you think I'd be able to get reception at a cubicle (with one other cube between me and the outside world) in a metro area (Frisco)?

If you ever happen to head through Nebraska on another trek...might I suggest car henge? http://www.carhenge.com/


oh yeah... welcome to your new home!


Tito, Nothing extra for the MLB package. Inside office reception could be a little iffy if you don't have access to a window at least.


Winston-Salem to Greensboro can seem long at the end of a two day trip - I can't imagine how it feels after coming that far.

So what band/artist got the most airplay?

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