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February 16, 2005



Homer sounds a lot like my dog, Tito. Tito is 17 lbs of vocal fury towards anything and everything. I think he's figured out the Domino's doorbell, but he now has a problem with the Nextel beep.

And he hates visitors until they sit down. Then he's immediately in their lap lookin' for love.

Someday we'll figure out what goes on in their little brains to make them so conflicted.

But Tito would never wear glasses.


Tito? That's a great name. Homer has something of a pecking order when it comes to guest. He doesn't mind them as long as they recognize him as the true center of the universe.

Oh, the Nextel beep...I hate that thing.


addition to list: homer will snatch food right off your plate if you take your eye away from it for one second. Additionally the lil pucker will bite off your fingers if you offer him a bisquit. but yes, i love that ol ball of fur too, and he takes some damn cute pics.

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