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August 26, 2004



This explains so much about my week. And why the a/c just went on the frit -- okay, this is too funny, apparently my letter that comes last in the alphabet has just stopped working on this keyboard... I give up.



It definitely cleared matters up for me. I did have a passing thought a minute ago. It is mentioned in the article about Mercury in retrograde that you might find that the car you've bought is a lemon. I wonder what happens if you buy a Mercury while Mercury is in retrograde...


It's times like these that I'm glad I'm not really a robot.


Reply to Jeff ... Mercury's bought when Mercury is in retrograde find themselves stuck in reverse.


So is that it? Because the moving parts of my brain have been backfiring all week, really I feel as if a cloud bubble containing the word "duh" has been trailing behind me since last Thursday.

When does it stop?!? Jeff, any word on when Mercury goes ... duh ... um... grade?


According to reliable sources, the retrograde will cease being retro on Sept. 2.


Ah, good. I used to have a friend at work who was really into this sort of thing and she would always keep me up on when Mercury had gone bananas. But she left the company -- so now I turn to you, to keep us in the syntax of the planets.


But I'd like it to happen sooner, please. There's too much going on right now and mercury sucks. (Er, Mercury Retrograde sucks.)


what about communication in relationships. I do realize his is happening and I cannot do anything to stop the change. However, my boyfriend and I are having major communication and connection problems, unlike ever before. I feel like because I know what is happening I can take a huge step back. Is this part of the retro grade too?

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